Email is often the most common form of communication between companies and their customers. Multiple email addresses and accounts can be challenging to manage, sometimes emails fail to be delivered or are filtered into a junk folders and additionally the client may calls to check the status of their enquiry. These situations may cause for one enquiry to be handled to by more than one Agent. Unified Factory solves those problems by offering a sophisticated system with a set of time saving functions.

Individual Emails

Simple integration of your POP3/SMTP or IMAP mail account, copies all your emails to the Unified Factory system, and allows for the messages to be included to build a complete history of customer communications (email, voice calls and chat). Additionally you can forward the entire customer file to the Agent who can view the complete history of communication in a single location.




Group Email Addresses

Sales, invoices or returns – one address available to multiple people – with Unified Factory this is simple. Especially if you can define which employees are allowed to respond from a given email and can access client contact history including emails, chat and voice calls.

Response Templates

Speed up replies to customers by using response templates. Make sure your responses are clear and consistent in both content and format. If you process a large number of requests, you can use the BOX version of our system and take full advantage of the Associative Memory to auto generate ready-to-use responses to the basis of questions you receive.



Scheduled Tasks

Let customers know when they should expect a response, and set a scheduled task to follow up and respond back to them. Create that task in the system and have it assigned to any Agent or Supervisor.

Email Signatures

Unified Factory allows you to create generic and individual signatures to provide contact details, confidentiality clauses and information such as new product information, or event updates.